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November 2014

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Thursday, November 27th

Moved the Blog

We have taken off on our journey. To make it easier I have started a blog with blogspot. Adding updates will be easier with limited web access.

To follow us now go to: http://hiflite.blogspot.com/

Dale on 11.27.14 @ 02:18 PM EDT [link]

Monday, October 27th

Still On the Hard

We are still on the hard. We brought the boat to Oriental to have her pulled for a variety of projects, most significantly re-doing the non-skid areas. As always with a boat we have added more projects to the list. We are having some fiberglass repaired in a couple spots, repairing the wood core in the cockpit, some damage where the davits attach, some spots where we were run into while at the dock one day. We also chose to remove a lot of the deck hardware for the painting and replaced things like backing plates and the screws and bolts that hold them in place. We are also having a survey done since we are changing insurance coverage and they always require an out of the water survey. Hopefully we will be here only another week and then back home to finish getting ready for our trip South. Yes, this is the year we finally cut the lines and head off to the Bahamas for the winter. More later.
Dale on 10.27.14 @ 11:30 PM EDT [link]

Monday, September 22nd

On the hard

We have been working a lot of projects getting the boat ready. Today we brought her to a boatyard in Oriental to have the non-skid redone. Will be on the hard for the next 2-3 weeks, depending on weather.
Dale on 09.22.14 @ 09:32 PM EDT [link]

Saturday, August 30th

A New Head

A major project was completed this week. We have chosen to replace the toilet and holding tank systems with what is called a composting toilet. There are a number to choose from, each with their advantages and disadvantages. We decided on the AirHead toilet.

The project involved removing the toilet and lowering the platform, all of the plumbing and the holding tank. The holding tank was a 40 gallon rubber bladder under the salon floor. The toilet comes with a vent hose and fan. I chose to extend the vent hose run to the back of the boat and use an existing vent rather then cut a new opening. This meant adding more hose and fabricating another fan and fan housing to accommodate the extra distance.

The new toilet is taller then the old which is why I removed the built-up platform making it the same height. It is also narrower without having the pump mechanism. We gained a lot of storage space in the area under the salon floor and the top of the keel.

Will keep you posted on how it is working out.
Dale on 08.30.14 @ 09:46 PM EDT [link]

Wednesday, August 13th


We made some major upgrades to our electronics this spring. We had a Standard Horizon 150 chart plotter. We replaces that with a Raymarine e125 Multifunction Display. This display interfaces our new electronics and our existing Raymarine ST60+ instruments. We also added the Raymarine AIS650 transceiver with a dedicated antenna on top of the mizzen mast. Also on the mizzen mast we replaces the older radar dome with a Raymarine 18 inch HD Radome which interfaces with the multifunction display. All of the parts network together and, surprising to me, worked the first time I turned them on. I added a RAM mount attached to the mizzen mast to allow the display to swivel and be seen from a wide area of the cockpit. We did keep the Standard Horizon chartplotter mounted in the nav station as a backup. More upgrades are being planned.
Dale on 08.13.14 @ 11:14 PM EDT [link]

Sunday, February 16th

Off to have the bottom painted

Made a run to Oriental today. There was a lot of wind and rain yesterday so I held off until today. It was totally different weather, sunny with no wind and temperature about 50 degrees. It is time to have the bottom painted again and one of the yards offers a winter discount and we decided to take advantage of it while we are house/dog sitting for a couple of weeks. Other projects are on hold till the boat comes home again. I ordered and received some cockpit speakers. We have wanted some for a long time and I finally found a pair I like. Now I have to find the right hardware to mount them with and figure how to run the cables.
Dale on 02.16.14 @ 10:11 PM EDT [link]

Thursday, January 9th


As a 2014 New Years resolution I decided I need to get this web site up to date. I'll see how I do. Wish me luck.
Dale on 01.09.14 @ 06:44 PM EDT [link]