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Replacing the "eyebrow"

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The previous owner had removed the teak rail around the cabin top and replaced it with stainless steel rub rail.

With a screw hole every six inches this was a lot of holes. While tracking down leaks they became suspect.

We decided to remove the rail, fill the holes and cover with a vinyl strip. After filling the holes with epoxy one leak mysteriously disappeared.  After wet sanding the area we were ready to install the stripe.

We were able to find a stripe tape that has the same dark blue as the hull with a gold highlight that matched the stripe on the hull.

We used tape to temporarily attach the stripe to visualize the effect then peeled off the backing attaching it to both sides of the cabin.

We will have to see how well this holds up. With care I expect it to last a long time.  If not, we bought 150 feet of it and more is available