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Re-bedding the Hatches

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The salon hatch leaked. The headliner was removed for another ongoing project giving access to the frame. After removing the hatch we found that the four screws in the corners did not go into the wood frame. It is thought that one of these was the source of the leak.

I removed the frame and cleaned up the silicon that was used to mount them. I cut new frames shorter then the originals and add an angled piece in the four corners.

The corner pieces are 1/2 inch thick to clear the corners of the trim. I attached them all with adhesive caulk.

Using saturated mounting tape bought from Bomar, the manufacturer, I remounted the hatch.

The gaskets have been replaced on all of the hatches.

The original Lexan was replaced with Plexiglas. Because Plexiglas flexes the seals have been broken allowing water to leak. Rather then re-bed the Plexiglas it will be replaced with Lexan.

Due to weather and time constraints I was not able to replace the frame for the V-berth hatch.  Rather then rebuild the frame to have a piece of wood for the corner screws I used a Phillips headed machine screw and a locknut in the four corners.  So far this is working, no leaks and they are holding solid.