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Adding insulation

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While I had the headliner out I added insulation to the ceiling.

I chose Reflectix Insulation because it is the right thickness and easy to work with. It has about an R-4 insulation rating, but it reflects back 97% of infrared radiation. I cut the pieces to fit and mounted them with aluminum tape to act as a vapor barrier. This also will make it easy to remove if I have to get at the cabin ceiling again.

I also used this insulation inside the storage lockers alongside the hull to reduce heat. Since we have dark blue hull there is more of a build up of heat in the lockers then with a light colored hull.

The previous owner removed the vinyl lining in the lockers and painted them with a white epoxy paint.

I cut a piece of insulation to fit each locker and put it in place without tape or adhesives. Hopefully they won't need anything to stay in place.

One of these days I will use a thermometer to record before and after temperatures but initial results look very good.