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Adding shelves

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While emptying lockers to add insulation Cori noted two that would work better if they had a shelf.  They are the aft lockers behind the settee, the one on the right in this photo.  These are the deeper of the three.

Compounding the problem there is an air conditioning hose running in the starboard side locker.  The locker is 16 inches high, 29 inches wide and varies from 14 to 20 inches wide.

Since this was to be used for canned goods I decided to put the shelf 10 inches up leaving room for two cans stacked below and one can an the shelf.  To make it easier to put cans in and take them out I decided the shelf should be set back 8 inches.  This would also leave room for taller objects.  I decided on half inch exterior plywood with three quarter inch plywood as the supports.  To avoid bowing from the weight I cut a dado in two strips and attached them with glue, the front one tall enough to keep the cans from falling off.

I gave it several coats of oil base primer before attaching the supports.  Because of the small opening I had to work through I felt that it would be easier if they were already attached.

I was able to wedge it in place and screw it in place. So far the starboard side is done and I will do the same to the port side.

This has led to Cori looking for other locations that need shelves